Identification of Small Ruminants

Identification and registration system is a tool for disease control and under current  conditions where the disease is endemic, it  is  essential for  sustainable and effective control of brucellosis.  It has to be assured  that  the  data  are  entered  into  the  database  in  a  timely  manner.  In addition, the I&R Unit and the NVEU must maintain close collaboration to  evaluate  and  analyze  data  to  enable  them  to  take  appropriate  corrective measures.  The PAZA project will assist the  deployment  of  the  updated  ADI  RUDA  database. Once this is achieved, in the first phase of implementation of the control strategy, the database  may  be  used  to  issue  animal  health  and  movement  certificates  and  in subsequent years to establish a minimum target for vaccination.  In the future, when ‘test and slaughter’ commences, the individual animal identification numbers will be the  basis  for  individual  identification  of  positive  animals  and  the  implementation movement control.

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