Lumpy Skin Disease

Lumpy Skin Disease – Outbreak in Albania 2016

The project provided wide-ranging support to the SVS in the control of the LSD, which appeared in Albania at the end of June 2016. The EU Delegation promptly approved the expenditure of over €35,000 of the project’s budget for incidental expenditure to enable the project team to provide inputs for training, awareness raising and monitoring of the use of the first batch of 25,000 doses of (EU-supplied) LSD vaccine.

Emergency plan in July 2016

From early July 2016, the project team provided continuous support for the implementation of the LSD Emergency Preparedness Control plan. The Project prepared documentation for use in managing the disease including:

  • Emergency vaccination plan;
  • Implementation plan;
  • Vaccine distribution plan;
  • Monitoring vaccination procedures supported by the PAZA II Field Coordinators;
  • Development of an online module for reporting vaccinations; and,
  • Support in communication and coordination of the activities with EU commission and neighbouring
  • The project also ensured that the central cold store was operating satisfactorily.

The project advised that all livestock movement should be banned and that under prevailing conditions, all markets should be closed and, initially, the slaughter of ruminants should be suspended pending a further assessment of the situation.

Training for LSD vaccination campaign

In July, the project team provided training to staff of the veterinary clinics who were to implement the LSD vaccination campaign. The topics covered the measures for preventing and control of LSD: the first training session was attended by representatives from all veterinary clinics. This was followed by 13 training sessions with the staff of each of the veterinary clinics, including the private veterinarians employed in clinics, the RCVOs and official veterinarians in national level.

Online reporting module

The PAZA ITC Expert developed an online reporting module to facilitate the reporting of daily vaccination progress by veterinary clinics, with the intention of providing the Veterinary Directorate with real time, accurate information on the LSD vaccination campaign.


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Dermatoza Nodulare e Gjedhit po përhapet me shpejtësi në Shqipëri


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Mund të infektojë gjedhët e të gjitha moshave! Nuk infekton njerëzit

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Report on BTSF LSD training in Sofia 

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